28 Main Street East, Grimsby, ON


Certified Organic Coffee, Home Baked Treats, Vegan, Keto and ‘no gluten added’ options 

Station 1 CoffeeHouse


A few important notes:

The Station 1 kitchen is NOT a nut-free facility. We use a variety of different nuts in our products. Although we offer products that do not contain nuts, we do not guarantee that it is nut-free.

We make our gluten-free flour blend in-house. We carry gluten-free product but do not guarantee that it is fully gluten-free. We also bake product with regular flour in the same kitchen.

We can not guarantee that cross-contamination does not happen in our kitchen due to the fact that we use these products often.

Please notify us of any allergies you may have so that we can help you order properly and safely.